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My experience with the Mazas Group was very good. I felt taken care of and felt like I was part of the family.

During this trip, the Mazas Group took all efforts to keep us safe and excited. At the end of my experience I felt like I had learned a lot and felt truly respected by the group.

Zeth Steele


Formidable !
C’était la première fois que je faisais du camping.
Je viens du Québec et nous avons beaucoup de superbes endroits pour pratiquer ce beau passe-temps mais rien n’équivaut les paysages que nous avons découverts avec Mazas.

Avec Mazas, j’ai appris les rudiments du camping ; monter une tente,
hisser la nourriture pour éviter que les animaux s’emparent de mes repas, etc.
De plus, j’ai appris à faire du Motocross.
Ce fût un moment inoubliable… Encore Merci !

Steve Foisy
Drummer & percussionniste


Our camping experience with the Mazas Group  was one of a kind. I’m not exactly a seasoned camper but they are, and it made camping so easy. They give great attention to detail without making anything feel like a great deal. I felt like I was in very good hands and when I fell off the bike I was riding, they quickly determined the level of injury and I was given the appropriate first aid and was able to enjoy the rest of the camp even though I was hobbling around.

The campsite was ideal and Mazas is an expert at finding the right spot to pitch a tent. It was great sharing stories after dinner. I felt like our stay was too short and would have loved a longer one. Even after only a couple of days spent there I felt refreshed going home.

Thanks for the wonderful time.



Bonjour Mazas,

Je voulais juste vous dire à quel point j’ai apprécié mon séjour à votre camp. Nous étions vraiment bien installés, près du lac et près des sentiers de Motocross. Vous nous avez d’ailleurs transmis la passion de ce merveilleux sport !

J’ai beaucoup aimé le fait de me sentir en sécurité. Je suis de nature peureuse et pourtant, je n’avais aucune crainte car je savais que j’étais entourée de gens d’expérience. J’ai adoré les discussions à propos des mythes et légendes de la région autour d’un bon feu avant d’aller dormir. C’était apaisant.

Les journées étaient bien remplies : baignade, promenade, Motocross, bonne bouffe! C’est dommage que j’habite si loin car j’y retournerais 4 fois par année! Mais c’est certain que je vais y retourner dans un futur proche…

Merci encore à vous tous !

Chantal  Xxx  (de Montréal)


Imagine how cool it would be if you could follow that camping call that have always beckoned but you were too afraid to answer.  Canada’s many lovely camping opportunities lure thousands of families every year to pack up and take in some quality time with friends or family in the arms of Mother Nature, next to a beautiful lake or hiking some majestic mountain terrain.  But there are probably just as many people who would like to go camping but don’t know where to start.  After all, one has to be prepared and show some respect for the plant and animal life of this scenic country’s rich outdoor lifestyle.  And that’s where the people of Mazas creates the bridge that you need to take those first steps.  They’ve been passionate campers for many years and it shows – they know how to make big differences with just the right touches to make that camping trip a memorable experience that you can’t wait to repeat instead of a survival course that you would rather forget.  That’s what convinced us to camp with them and gave us the confidence to experience the camping lifestyle ourselves.  I can still remember traversing some rather tricky terrain on a dirt bike to a beautiful spot next to the water … and I’m not even a bike rider! We can freely recommend them to anybody who wants to take those first steps into the outdoors or who just want to camp with people who know how to make those adventures away from home so much easier.



The summer camp experience with The Mazas Children Foundation last June was an experience of a life time. From the time I got up there till time I left we always had fun stuff going on or doing. They always had things organized and ready to go, they always got you to get involved with everything that was going on. Cooking, cleaning dishes, setting up, get water just things that help you out in the real world. The camp was always clean and a safe environment to be in. Mazas was a great camp leader, he was really funny, he always played games with us, taught us about nature, got me over come things.

Christopher Urbani