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We are The MAZAS Group; an independent network of passionate, creative individuals with the over all goal of creating a better world.

The Mazas Group consists of 2 separate entities:

1. Mazas Entertainment: An Independent Film Production Company.
2. The Mazas Children’s Foundation: A film summer camp for kids in foster families & a retreat for single parent families.
Our mission at MAZAS Entertainment is to create fun positive entertainment and use the profits from it to fuel the second entity of The MAZAS Group;The Mazas Children Foundation.

The Mazas Children Foundation was established by the MAZAS Group in 2009. Mazas and his group of caring friends teamed-up in order to honor the courage of children living without their parents in foster care, in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

The Children Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to providing a fun-filled summer     camp for children and families in need.

We offer two programs:

1- The Mazas Film Summer Camp

2- The Mazas Retreat for single parent families.

The Mazas Film Summer Camp’s goal is to promote the values of loyalty, friendship, teamwork, respect  and creativity in a natural setting. Some of the activities provided by  the qualified Mazas camp counselors include: hiking, horseback riding, swimming, ATV riding, and treasure hunting. Every activity is created and designed to promote positive changes in the lives of young people.

The entire experience of the camp is done within the context of filmmaking. With the growing popularity of online video sites such as You-tube; making short films is a thrilling way for children to express themselves, and sharing their videos with the world is easier and more exciting than ever before.

The experiences and activities that each child has during their stay at the summer camp will be the basis for their films.

The Mazas Retreat operates on the same principles. Focused on each family as a whole; The parents are sometime enjoying relaxing activities while their children are entertained with fun  and  bounding experiences. Other  times are all together games and fun. Similar to the Film Summer Camp, the  experiences  that  each family  has during their retreat will be the basis of their films.

We are currently looking for donors, partners, sponsors and investors  to  complete the Phase I  of  our summer  camp. Phase I will see the construction of our main, 100 feet central MAZAS gazebo which will accommodate the classes and the final editing of videos. It will also include the first fifteen cabins and the storage for the equipment. The budget for Phase I of the summer camp is almost complete at seventeen million. Phase II & III are still in progress.


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